Day 41-45 - 34,459

It's been a little more than a week since Ginger's emergency. She came home on Monday night in very good spirits with a lot of medication. She was sluggish for a few days and the vet said to take it easy on her, which was tough. Every time I want for my tennis shoes or moved her leash, she was sure she was going out and I didn't feel good going out without her-- I was still worried she'd fall over dead if I wasn't in the same room with her. I forgot to put my pedometer on for a few days but I tried. All in all, I missed two days and I'm now 9485 steps behind. I think this is as honest as I can calculate it.

Day 41 - 3204 (Totally not back in the swing of things.)
Day 42 - 5829 (We walked two blocks and I could see Ginger starting to droop and pant too much, so home we went.)
Day 43 - 11,895 (This was the first day Ginger was able to go on a 30 minute walk.)
Day 44 - 3891 (Rain, rain, rain.)
Day 45 - 9640 (This was the first day we went walking for an hour and she really seemed back to normal.)

So, it's time to get back to it in earnest, with my little buddy at my heals.

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