Day 37: 14,664

Yesterday was tough. Ginger and I went for a long walk in the morning and on our way home, we found a small dog, off its leash with no tags and no owner. I went around to various homes and did not find the owner, though I did find out where the dog probably lived. I was at a loss of what to do, so after knocking on doors, I tucked the dog under my arm and carried it home. I put it in the backyard, then took a note back to the house where the dog lived, telling them to call me. An hour later, the dog escaped from our yard through some means even I can't figure out. I searched for the pup but to no avail. I was told my some men working on a nearby property that he ran off in the direction where I had found him. I walked back to the house where I'd left the note, changed it, and walked home, feeling depressed. People, put tags on your dogs!

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