Day 60: 12,561

I'm finally caught up! And that's not all! I am 60 days into this experiment, 60% complete, and I've walked 600,147 steps!

Some people might say walking is old lady exercise. So what? Walking is useful. Walking feels great. You don't need special clothes to do it. You don't even really need fancy shoes, so long as you step carefully and aren't an idiot about it. You can do it with a friend or talk on the phone while you do it. Walking is meditative. You're out in nature, you're among your neighbors, there's sun on your skin and wind on your cheeks. Injuries are rare. Almost anyone can do it. If you have a pet or children, it's a wonderful way to spend healthy time together.

It also gets you away from the kitchen. It's clear I love to cook and love to eat and really feel like feeding someone is a beautifully primitive and direct way to love people. When food = love, it's logical to want to surround yourself with it, right? Still, I would like to eat more thoughtfully and so I've started the No-S diet.

I was actually scared to start this. I don't know why. I feel like I've been working to create good habits in my life and grow up and I'm sort of starting to feel like it's starting to click. It feels good. I would love to have a more balanced and thoughtful relationship with food.

I really want to give this a good go, so I weighed myself this morning. I never weigh myself because I lose weight so slowly. I gain it fairly slowly too, but it's really discouraging to be working so hard at dieting, only to see the scale freeze. It's interesting to note that the last time I weighed myself was just around New Years and my weight has stayed the same since I started this, though I look better and feel better than I have in a long time. I'm going to weigh myself in 30 days-- Day 90-- and see if I've lost even a pound. I would love to lose a pound! :-)

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